The JORVIK Story

What began as a 5 year long excavation, soon evolved into a one-of-a-kind experience through the Viking streets of York.

The creation of JORVIK Viking Centre marked the biggest discovery in Viking history at the time. It also paved the way for historic attractions to come, creating an interactive experience that dared to break from convention, letting visitors explore history like never before.

  • Designing JORVIK - How the initial idea for a new historic experience came to life.
  • JORVIK’s First Opening - In 1984, JORVIK opened its doors for the first time.
  • JORVIK’s Second Opening - New discoveries meant a new attraction, but how did things change?
  • JORVIK’s Third Opening – Our latest iteration brought the Vikings into the 21st Century
  • JORVIK Today – With four exhibits, an up-to-date ride and “real” Vikings, there’s no better time to visit JORVIK.

Looking Back at 25 Years

Created as part of the 25th anniversary of JORVIK Viking Centre in 2009, this video looks back on the Coppergate excavation and the creation of JORVIK in 1984.