Designing Jorvik


The Coppergate Dig

Thousands of people came to view ‘The Viking Dig’ during the excavation of Coppergate.

When the extent and importance of the discoveries at Coppergate were realised, plans were made to allow permanent display of the remains of Jorvik within the area which had been excavated.



The Design Stage

Design and construction began in 1981, with the intention of creating a historic attraction that was more like the set of a film. Instead of walking around looking at exhibits, the visitor would sit in specially designed time-cars, and move around the “set” of a Viking village, taking it in from all angles, and witnessing Viking life up-close.


JORVIK under constructionConstruction and Completion

Construction was finished in 1984, when the doors of JORVIK opened to the general public for the first time. JORVIK Viking Centre continues to help York Archaeological Trust to further their work in archaeological excavation and research, and to disseminate its findings both to the general public and the academic community.

See how JORVIK looked when it first opened