Great British Beard Off

Just What is the Great British Beard Off?

It is our campaign to challenge as many school children in Britain to spend a day at school as a Viking!

Create some Norse beards and explore the fashions and culture of the period and at the same time help the Vikings of JORVIK Viking Centre re-build their homes following the flooding to the centre in December 2015.

Great British Beard Off

How do I get my class or school involved?

Be Quick! Simply register your interest by 1st July. Email us at

You can also download our free fundraising pack, which lists a plethora of information on making the best Viking beards as well as some interesting facts on Viking domestic life that you can share with your pupils to enhance your Beard Off Experience!

Download Information Pack


How do we fundraise for the Beard Off?

Think of it as a unique non-uniform day but more Viking! Pupils pay £1 to be a Norseman for the day – with fun lesson ideas included in the pack – and all proceeds go towards creating a new Viking experience for decades to come!

Follow our simple 6 step guide to running your own Beard Off – and remember to download the guide for more information:


Download Information Pack

Deadline for first entries is Friday 21st October

What has happened to JORVIK?

Unfortunately JORVIK Viking Centre was one of the many homes and businesses in York that flooded in December 2015. Since then the centre has remained closed since this time. We are looking to re-open again in spring 2017 with a re-imagined experience and we need your help to do it. You can discover more about our fundraising initiative Campaign Canute here.