Jorvik: Home and Abroad

Bring your class to our new exhibition at York St Mary’s for a unique educational experience.

School bookings can be made for this special exhibition until Sun 5th March

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Centred on the three key themes of the exhibition, domestic life, trade and industry in the city during the Viking period your pupils will receive a fully interactive and hands-on learning experience during your visit. Plus, there is the chance to see a re-created street scene from the famous JORVIK Viking Centre ride and a fully stocked Viking trading vessel.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • To develop an understanding that archaeology is about people and the way they live, and to find out what archaeologists in York have been able to learn about the Vikings who once lived in the city
  • To think about the fundamental features of a house, the materials and tools that could be used to construct one and how Vikings would live and work in the space
  • To learn about the essential jobs carried out in the Viking home, and the cost and time commitment needed to perform familiar tasks without modern technology
  • To understand that evidence of Viking crafts and trade can be retrieved from archaeological excavation, and that items from other countries can be used to learn about trading patterns and travel abroad
  • To learn about how the human skeleton can provide further information about life in the past, and how scientific examination of bones can provide evidence of Viking health

Curriculum Links:


  • Increase understanding of some of the ways we find out about the past
  • Identify similarities and differences between the way of life in different periods
  • Study of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking struggle for the Kingdom of England


  • Improve Speaking and Listening; using discussion to explain and understand ideas

Design & Technology

  • Examining technologies used when manufacturing objects such as combs and shoes


  • Knowledge of techniques in dating and analysing finds in archaeology, including skeletal evidence

Things you need to know

Duration: 1 hour (can be reduced if needed)

Suitable for: All Key Stages

Capacity: 35 children and adults combined

(Maximum of 35 people in group due to Health & Safety restrictions in the exhibition)

Timings: Tours are bookable every thirty minutes during term-time; please be advised there is no holding area for waiting groups

Prices: £3.50 per child for standard school group admission; £3.80 per teacher (but one teacher free with every 6 child places booked)*

* Joint tickets with other sites are available, as usual (e.g. Home and Abroad + DIG visit = £6.50 per child, etc.)


We advise all schools to book their visit in advance to avoid disappointment; booked groups should report to the original JORVIK Viking Centre entrance to sign their admissions paperwork and to be met by their first Viking guide.

To book please email our dedicated Reservation team at or call 01904 615505.


The majority of exhibition is accessible to wheelchair users, but we request advance notice of any group members who may be wheelchair users or have additional access issues as part of the standard school tour does take place on the first floor, which is not accessible to wheelchair users. Arrangements can be made to hold the introductory talk downstairs and to use the disabled access entrance for anyone who requires it.

If there are any members of the group with other access needs (due to impairments in vision, hearing or special educational needs), additional arrangements can be made for a school visit; these will be tailored to your group depending on requirements.