Get Involved

Volunteer and Placement Opportunities Available Now!

We have a range of opportunities for both volunteering and undertaking a placement. Take a moment to look at the information below and our ‘Volunteers’ and ‘Placements’ pages to find out more.

Joining as an Attractions volunteer:

Our volunteer page lists the volunteer opportunities that involve projects linked to JORVIK.  These offer people the opportunity to get involved with the York Archaeological Trust and help us to bring to life the fascinating history of this unique site.

Volunteering suits anyone wanting to:

  • Gain new experiences
  • Share their current skills
  • Enhance our visitors’ experience
  • Meet new people
  • Get involved in the aims of the York Archaeological Trust

Take a look at our Volunteers’ page for further information on the roles available, the registration periods and how to enquire about joining our volunteer team. If you have a set-period of time to undertake your experience in or have specific study or work related needs to meet then you would be best to consider our placement offers.

Joining as an Attractions placement:

Placement opportunities suit anyone from a local college or university student to those looking to arrange independent placements where they need to undertake a set period of involvement to achieve their experience or study aims.

Our placement opportunities can involve time at JORVIK or one of the other JORVIK Group attractions. For further information on our placement opportunities and how to apply for a place please take a look at our Placements page.


Have you ever wanted to get involved with an archaeological excavation? Our Archaeology Live! training dig runs every year in the heart of York and welcomes people of all ages (14+) and experience levels. Visit Archaeology Live! for the latest information.